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Ashoka NGO Consultancy is a team of experienced Consultancy who have been providing consultancy services related to NGOs, Social Welfare Schemes and Social Work since 2007. Our offers NGO Consultancy Services to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Non-profit companies and other types of organisations involved in social work across India. The NGO Consulting Services include Ngo Registration Consultancy, Support for NGO Funding, Support in NGO Grant, Designing Project Proposals for funding, developing the NGO Funding Projects for grant approval, Documentation, Management of NGOs and project implementation work. Ashoka Ngo Consultancy has been creating networking between social activists, social workers, volunteers, social groups, NGOs, support agencies and supporters. Ashoka Ngo Consultancy provides NGO Consultancy for FCRA Registraion under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, Registration Certificate for 12 AA and 80 G under Income Tax act for exemption in Tax and all kind of other Registrations required for NGO.

Social activists and social entrepreneurs who are willing to do social service, and having an intention to improve the society are provided assistance with the Registration of NGO, formation and management of Non Governmental Organisation in accordance with various legal processes as Trust Registration, Society Registration, Non Profit Company Registration or through any other available process of Ngo Registration Consultancy in India. Ashoka Consultancy provides NGO consulting services to non profit sector related to the operation of Non Government Organisations, which include Project Reports, Project Proposal (preparing the project proposals for funding), effective methods for fund collection, preparation of Annual Report and all kinds of documentation along with implementation and legal services.

Ashoka NGO Consultancy helps Non Governmental Organisation to work in a broad range with the motive of social welfare. The experienced team provides essential and legal consulting services to all the eligible NGOs. Consultancy Services are available to any recognised NGO, even it is working in India’s remote villages and towns. Ashoka NGO Consultancy has experienced Consultancy in all over India and co-ordination offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, and Chandigarh. We can provide essential NGO Consultancy Services across the various regions and cities of the country.

As we have experience in working with various kind of NGOs/Voluntary Organizations/Social Organizations for several years, one thing is very clear, that a lot of Non Profit Organisations are doing very good social work but they not able to maintain the organised records and documentation of the work done by them. Hence, some of them are not able to complete the formalities and procedures required for getting legal recognition and grants from some Government offices. As they are not able to complete the proper documentation and have a systematic management of the NGO, regardless of their good intentions and good motives, they eventually face a situation when they require funds from funding agencies and Government ministries and they are not able to do so. In this manner they face difficulties in social work and it becomes hard to run the institution with limited resources.

Members in contact with Ashoka’s Team realised that there is a need for advice and consultancy so that Nonprofit Organizations can proceed with their agenda and achieve their goals. Hence, some experienced people from all across India were contacted so that they can give consultancy services to optimistic organisations involved in social work for providing them with strength, support and assistance with social work and development of the country while helping them with legal, technical and organisational requirements. Formation and management of NGO is a task related to social welfare in which organisations are always in a need of appropriate guidance and support. The priorities of Non-for-profit Organizations are to serve the society, work towards its welfare and work on their own projects purposed to do so. So there is a requirement that they get timely and quality assistance to achieve this goal.

The grassroot level NGOs working on small scale as well as large scale which work for upliftment of underprivileged sectors of the society often need funding for a lot of issues and projects. For this reason, NGOs have to work on various projects and schemes in partnership with the State Government and the Central Government for social welfare. Central Government, State Governments, Corporate Sector, those who need to give a part of their profits for social welfare under CSR, and several Indian and Foreign Funding Agencies provide financial support for diverse projects in social welfare. Various Governmental, Semi-Governmental, and Non-Governmental Organisations contribute to the success and organisation of social welfare projects and schemes. So Ashoka aims that NGOs keep getting funds from various funding agencies to continue their social welfare and development schemes. That’s why we assist Non Profit Organization with management, documentation, networking with other NGOs and fulfilling various legal formalities. NGO Consultancy professionals have good network for communication between supporters and needy organisations with the emerging trend of social media and online communication system. Thus, providing the NGOs flawless integrated result with multichannel fundraising.

Non-Government Organisations find the way to their projects and work area clear when they acquire sufficient funds. Dreams of the people in hopes of a happy and content future become a reality when required financial help is given to the NGOs working for them. In this manner, many underprivileged people start entering the mainstream economic strata of the society as they experience a positive development through programmes and activities. Ashoka Consultancy has a team of dedicated and experienced NGO Consultancy which gives consultancy on various topics and issues, and provides solutions and support according to the requirements of the NGO. Non Profit Organisation get assistance in management, organisation and collection of funds if they organise activities and prepare documentation of the activities as per our guidance.

What papers and documents need to be prepared to get funds from Central Government, State Governments and Foreign funding agencies? What process needs to be went through for it? Which Government department needs to be contacted for it? Consulting and Guidance about these things are included in our Consulting Services. Ashoka provides full support and assistance in an ethical and legally viable manner to NGOs in formation, initial working and engaging in programmes and expanding the scope of work of the NGO. Consultancy and assistance in initiation of all registration associated essential and recommended activities, along with all manners of technical and legal support can be acquired from Ashoka. NGO Consultancy’s expert team supports NGOs in all possible ways. The objective of Ashoka is to ease all kinds of work of NGOs and their activities. We also help in maintaining contact between donor agencies and the NGOs and advice on the appropriate use of Social media to promote and inform people about activities. How should an NGO work to ensure that they have a good image and reknown in their area of operation, what issues should they bring up or try to solve? What kind of contribution is more needful in the area of operation? How to know about the needs and difficulties of the areas of operation of NGOs? What is their solution? What projects are Central and State Governments funding? How can NGOs and their areas of operation associate themselves with Government schemes?

Another important responsibility of Non-Governmental Organisations is to promote awareness, Programmes to spread awareness, gaining membership, provide relief (in natural calamities), legal awareness campaigns, ways to organise programmes to improve employment and utilize human resources while providing relief and support to as many people as possible. How should organisations plan such campaigns? Ashoka Consultancy is experienced in this field and guides Non Profit Organizations through the whole process in this regard.

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