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RFP - For Improving Food Security Governance in South & South East Asia through Strengthened Partici
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Last date - 5th April 2016

Activities: Others

DanChurchAid invites you to submit a proposal for midterm Review of the EU-funded project “Improving Food Security Governance in South & South East Asia through strengthened participation of organizations of marginalized farmers.
A. Instructions
In submitting a proposal the Candidate accepts in full and without restriction the special and general conditions including annexes governing this Contract as the sole basis of this procedure, whatever his own conditions of services may be, which the Candidate hereby waives. The Candidates are expected to examine carefully and comply with all instructions, forms, contract provisions and specifications contained in this Request for Proposal.
Scope of services
The Services required by the Contracting Authority are described in the Terms of Reference in Annexes.
The Candidate must offer the totality of the Services described in the Terms of Reference. Candidates offering only part of the required Services will be rejected.
Cost of proposal:The Candidate shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of his proposal and the Contracting Authority is not responsible or liable for these costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the process.
Eligibility and qualification requirements
Candidates are not eligible to participate in this procedure if they are in one of the situations listed in article 33 of the General Terms and Conditions for Service Contracts – Ver2 2012.
Candidates shall in the Proposal Submission Form attest that they meet the above eligibility criteria. If required by the Contracting Authority, the Candidate whose proposal is accepted shall further provide evidence satisfactory to the Contracting Authority of its eligibility.
Candidates are also requested to certify that they comply with the Code of Conduct attached.
Exclusion from award of contracts
Contracts may not be awarded to Candidates who, during this procedure:
are subject to conflict of interest:
are guilty of misrepresentation in supplying the information required by the Contracting Authority as a condition of participation in the Contract procedure or fail to supply this information:
Documents comprising the Request for Proposal
The Candidate shall complete and submit the following documents with his proposal:
Proposal Submission Form (Annex 3) duly completed and signed by the Candidate Organization profile highlighting the experience in the specific field of the Services to be performed. The proposal and all correspondence and documents related to the RFP exchanged by the Organization and the Contracting Authority must be written in the language of the procedure, which is English.
Financial proposal:The Financial Proposal shall be presented as an amount in Rupees (INR)/ Nepali Rupees NPR/ Bangladeshi Taka BDT any one of the currency in the Proposal Submission Form in Annex 3. The remuneration of the Candidate under the Contract shall be determined as follows:
The Organization/Candidate shall indicate in his/her proposal his/her proposed global remuneration for the performance of the Services. The Organization/Candidate shall be deemed to have satisfied themselves as to the sufficiency of his/her proposed global remuneration, to cover both his/her fee rate, including overhead, profit, all his/her obligations, sick leave, overtime and holiday pay, taxes, social charges, etc. and all expenses (such as local transport) to be incurred for the performance of the Contract. The proposed global remuneration shall cover all obligations of the successful organization/Candidate under the Contract (without depending on actual time spent on the assignment) and all matters and things necessary for the proper execution and completion of the Services and the remedying of any deficiencies therein.
For all out station Travel approved and required by DCA the travel arrangement will be made by DCA and/or travel expenses will be reimbursed.

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