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UN Trust Fund for Women to End Violence Against Women 2016 UNTFEVAW
Funds for NGOs
Last date 4th May 2016

Activities: Women/Gender,Others

UNTFEVAW - The UN Trust Fund’s programmatic areas will complement existing national and UN-led efforts to protect human rights and promote gender equality in the context of Sustainable Development Goals and all other existing international commitments to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls. If submitting an application under the programmatic window, proposals must contribute to one or more of the following areas, which are the focus of the UN Trust Fund’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020: 1) Improving access for women and girls to essential, safe and adequate multi-sectoral services to end violence against women and girls; (2) Increasing effectiveness of legislation, policies, national action plans and accountability systems to prevent and end violence against women and girls; and (3) Improving prevention of violence against women and girls through changes in knowledge, attitudes and practices.

The UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women launched its new Strategic Plan in 2015. Its mission over five years (2015-2020) is to advocate for and finance innovative and replicable approaches for preventing and ending violence against women and girls, to catalyze learning from global evidence collected from the projects it funds, and to leverage its unique mandate and convening power to foster global giving for ending violence against women and girls (EVAW/G). The ultimate vision of the UN Trust Fund is a world without violence against women and girls that is aligned with international human rights standards and humanitarian law of which gender equality and the elimination of all forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls is an integral part.

Application and Selection Process

Who can Apply?

Applicants from, or working in, countries and/or territories in the “List of Eligible Countries”9 , as follows:
• Women-led and women’s rights organizations that are legally registered in the country of implementation and that have specialized knowledge, expertise and track record of working in women’s human rights and prevention and/or elimination of violence against women and girls.
• Civil society organizations that are legally registered in the country of implementation.
• Regional/international civil society organizations and networks that have national presence in the country and/or territory of implementation. In this case, the proposal must be focused on a single country and demonstrate how the proposed intervention will contribute to national change and/or capacity development and ownership of national and local organizations in the implementation. Organizations must also demonstrate that they or their national implementing partners are legally registered in the country (or territory) of implementation.
• Operational research/evaluation institutions specialized in gender equality and gender-based violence.
• Government authorities at central/national, sub-national and/or local levels, including National Women’s Machineries and other sectoral Ministries.
Proposals should ideally reflect partnerships among civil society and government. Special attention will be paid to organizations with a demonstrated record of working with local women’s organizations,especially grassroots women’s organizations and EVAWG specialized networks. Proposals from more than one organization or entity as co-applicants must clearly indicate which organization will take lead responsibility for project management and contractual obligations.
The UN Trust Fund will not consider applications:

• Submitted for interventions in countries and territories that are not in the “List of Eligible Countries”;
• Submitted for implementation in more than one country or territory;
• Submitted by individual UN agencies or by UN Country Teams;
• Submitted by individuals without any organizational affiliation;
• Submitted by organizations that do not have a legal status in the country of operation;
• Submitted by civil society organizations, government entities, or UNCTs currently implementing a grant from the UN Trust Fund;
• Submitted by an organization that has been a recipient of a UN Trust Fund grant over the last three years (between 2012 and 2015) unless the organization has been specifically invited to submit a new application by the UN Trust Fund;
Where and When to Apply?

Applicants are expected to submit proposals online in the form of a brief Concept Note.
Applications can be submitted in the following languages only: English, French and Spanish (please note that while the UN Trust Fund’s Call for Proposal is also available in Arabic, Chinese and Russian, applications will only be accepted in English, Spanish or French).
For preparation of the Concept Note, refer to the following annexes:
Annex 1: Concept Note Form
Annex 2: Budget Summary
The online concept note application will be available from 24 March to 4 May 2016 at:
http://grants.unwomen.org. All information must be entered using the online application software.
The deadline for submission of the Concept Note is 4 May 2016, 11:59pm New York Time (EDT).
Concept Notes received after the deadline will not be considered.

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